Let's read Bhante Sujato's Sutta translations


Oddly, walking meditation works quite well for listening without pain. I can hardly sit still for an hour, but walking is fine for hours. And yes, MN1 is autoexpanded. That autoexpansion seemed useful at the time, but I haven’t extended it to work on all suttas. Other things became more important. The expansion was valuable because it truly takes mindfulness deep into the sutta. When we read, we glance, we skim and we miss important things. Listening, this is skipping is not possible. It becomes a mindfulness training. The mind wanders when listening.

I only download Pali/English for short suttas such as SN12.23. I share your horror at a 4hr+ MN1! In contrast, DN33 is 2hours and a trusty daily companion. I initially split it up into morning/evening. But with the dark forbidding winter nights, I simply walk 2hrs during the day listening. I use the computer in half-lotus, so it somewhat balances out.


And yet… now I’m looking forward to it even more. @karl_lew may just have created the tool that helps me to get serious about learning Pali.


:laughing: I found the mere 1h30m of English only a challenge. It’s not exactly what I would have chosen, but I found the experience beneficial. I’ll be frank though, weighing up the prospect of of 4h5m, I probably would have just converted to Christianity or something. :grin:


Hmm. Now reading this I wonder if my daily listening to DN33 @ 2 hrs. is simply self-mortification. :laughing:


This works for me too. But I like to read along while listening, especially the Pali. It’s incredible how this enhances my understanding of the Pali! I can see the results when working on my Vinaya project.


Good point


Not allowed.
This is unrest one of hindrances.


Yes I am in MN 35.
It took me about seven days.


I’m afraid I’m stuck in the Digha! I intended to save the Digha for last, but the Digha grabbed me by my throat! I just can’t resist listening to its epic prose! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll check back when I’m halfway the Digha :grin:


I just heard @sujato’s translation of “je”: “What the hell?!” while listening to MN21. Literally laughed out loud in the middle of the salla. Thanks guys


I also started with the dīgha.


Yes. It is quite funny.
I miss that when I read it.


This phrase occurs twice in the Nikayas. :grin: :joy:


DN 1-17 completed!! (But I’ll promise to revisit y’all, dear Dīgha suttas!) Time for DN 18-34 :blush::rosette:


I have finished listening to Majjhima Nikaya in full.
It took me six weeks to listen to it. It averaged four Sutta’s a day.
This is the first time I listen to MN in full even though I have read Ven. Thanissaro translations in Access to Insight few times.
It is very pleasing and great to listen to Bhante @sujato translations.
I would not have done this so soon without the help of SCV. Thanks to the SC team again.
I am now looking forward to listen to SN.


This is, I think, a first. :trophy: :1st_place_medal:

Congratulations on being the first Voice user to complete a Nikaya. We are all amazed that you listened to both the Pali and the English! :open_mouth:


Saw a shriek of ‘oh my god’ somewhere in there too!


SarathW1 has completed two Nikayas. Before the Majjhima he has already listened to the Digha!



:1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal:
:trophy: :trophy:
:white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


No. Only English.
But I refer to Pali and other translators when I have doubt.