Let's read Bhante Sujato's Sutta translations


I’ve read most of the Nikayas, but confess I’ve done some skim-reading when there are lots of repetition, and when suttas are very similar. :blush:


I was sick for few weeks and lost interest in Sutta reading.
Now I have started listening to SN in Sutta Central Voice again.
I quite enjoy listening to it.
At the start it was bit boring though.


Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well, but glad you are better now! I hope your recovery will be stable and your health will be stronger in the future. Best wishes! :bouquet:


Boredom is allowed, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When you keep seeing things that are prone to being fettered as boring, you give up greed, hate, and delusion.

When these are given up, you’re freed from rebirth, old age, and death, from sorrow, lamentation, pain, sadness, and distress.

Hope your health has improved!


I have finished the Long Discourses. Finished—but I’m not done with them!

Today I started with the Connected Discourses. As of writing, Bhante Sujato’s ongoing recordings are available for most of the Devatā-saṃyutta (SN 1) and part of the Devaputta-saṃyutta (SN 2) on GitHub (in addition to the auto-generated recordings available at SuttaCentral Voice for the full Connected Discourses).

I'm also experimenting with how to listen to the suttas.

In a nutshell, I’d like to go slower yet deeper. Some things I’m trying out:

  1. Literal
  2. Moral -practical
  3. Metaphorical -creative
  4. Transcendent


I can’t down load my IPhone it says error


Thanks for reporting. On my Android phone I can download it. Is the problem only for this one list of suttas? What is the exact model of your iPhone?


The most common download error is a timeout. The first person who downloads a sutta will get a timeout. Eventually the caches fill and life is good. Unfortunately, this penalizes the first person. @SarathW1 would you try again, please? it might download now given that Anagarika Sabbamitta has not had a problem.

We are working on a solution to this problem called Voice Sound Module (VSM). With VSMs we will be able to fill the caches so that nobody is penalized.


It worked this time.


Thank you for verifying! We’re working on VSM for the next release, but it will take several releases to completely fill the sound caches with the latest and the greatest. Part of the challenge is that Bhante Sujato keeps improving the translations, so the generated recordings are guaranteed to be obsolete as they age, thereby triggering delays in download.

Because of this, we will start by using VSM for Pali recordings and then gradually phase in the English translations for each voice, starting with the most popular voice, Amy. The Pali recordings will change less frequently and only if there are pronunciation errors. This makes the Pali recordings highest priority. We will also be segmenting Bhante’s own recordings and hope to offer those segmented audio recordings this year. I think Bhante’s own hope for the recordings is to spend time reviewing the translations as a whole, which would definitely stabilize the translations.


Indeed. The translations will eventually stabilize, although I am probably going to follow Donald Knuth’s policy: keep fixing things until I die, upon which time all remaining bugs are declared to be features!


I used to work in the building trade, and we ended up with “features” from time to time. :laughing:


I have finished listening to SN12.


:star_struck: Great, congratulations!


Samuttanikaya got 56 Sutta with subheadings.
It is so hard to keep track of it.
I thought I have finished reading it to find out that I am still where I started.
It is like attaining Arahantship.
Howmany Suttas in all in SN?


Bhante Sujato has translated about 4000 suttas in the four Nikayas.


The great thing about SN is the Sutta’s are short.
Perhaps it takes about 100 hours to listen to all 1815 Suttas.
I listen for about 10 a day. so it will take 185 days unless I acccelarat it.
I still wonder how Bhant @sujato translate four Nikaya in two years!!


That’s about right. My current estimate is 78 hours (see second figure here). I suspect the actual duration is slightly shorter.


Only an Aussie would translate pathavim sāgarapariyantam as ‘land girt by sea’ (SuttaCentral) :rofl:

[For those unaware, this phrase recalls the Australian national anthem].



Australians all let us rejoice
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