Link to casino site

Hi… Well Greetings.

Just to inform the webmaster of the link redirected to a casino site from the AN page as in the file attached.

Thanks for the great site.


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Hi @sila.nanda !

Welcome to the community and thanks for letting us know! I’m tagging Ven @sujato … , @blake and @musiko for help… we will attend to it ASAP.
:pray: :smiley: :sunflower:


Sounds like māra sneaked into the website :smiling_imp:


How is this possible?? :scream:


It’s not just that link, but all the links to the Ukrainian site where Sister Uppalavanna’s translations were hosted. I guess either the site-owner didn’t pay his bills or decided to discontinue it or got hacked.


That’s bad… :scream::slightly_frowning_face::scream:

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This is only on the legacy site, I think:
AN AN 1: Ekaka Nipāta - Aṅguttara Nikāya - SuttaCentral

The current site does not use the Sister Uppalavanna translations, though I understand some older browsers cannot access that…

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Thanks for reporting this. We haven’t updated that site for many years now, and probably never will. Sad to say, that’s how things deteriorate on the web!

Those translations are extremely poor in any case, they were really little more than study notes towards a rough draft that were published because there was nothing else. Now there is something else!

Use the new site. :pray: