Linking to "Discuss and Discover"

Hi devs,

I’m trying to link to discuss and discover pages. It all show great in the sidebar. e.g.:

But when I try to right click the “Discuss and Discover” button and either copy and paste, or open into a new tab I just get the categories page:

Windows 7, SP1 - latest Chrome 43.0.2357.132 m

Is there a way to link so that I get the proper “Discuss and Discover” results returned?

Just click on the entries, it should open in a new tab. I just checked it and it is working fine.

Sorry Bhante,

I didn’t explain that very well at all. :frowning: And maybe I’m in the wrong forum.

The SuttaCentral functionality works perfectly.

What I am trying to do is to create a link that points to the search results that are returned as if I had pressed the “Discuss and Discover” button on a particular sutta.

Ideally I would prefer it to return the search results in a separate page so that I might have the option to embed the results in an iframe. But if there was a way (link) that returned the SuttaCentral site in the state of the first image I posted, i.e. as if I had: gone to the sutta page, opened the sidebar and pressed the D&D button, then that would do fine. Maybe this second way is possibly better as then it would give a new user a lesson in how to use D&D themselves.

I’m just wondering if there is any option for doing this?

Many thanks.

Perhaps @blake can help with this; but my understanding would be that this requires interfacing with the Discourse API.

May I ask what it is you’re trying to achieve?

Yes Bhante. I’ll PM you.

Hi Stu,

It was trivial to add an endpoint to get the discussions directly, so I did so. Just add /discussion onto the end of a url, such as:

I’m curious to know/see what you want to do with it.

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Thanks Bhante. Perfect.

Also, just to let you know, the current version of Discourse, to which we will upgrade shortly, supports full page searches, so you can link to that if you like.

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It seems that Discuss and Discover has disappeared from the side bar. The direct link also seems broken.

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Both these are working fine for me. Perhaps it’s a cache thing to so with the recent search engine outage (D&D uses elasticsearch, as does the site search). Try clearing your browser cache and trying again, or maybe waiting a few hours.

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Both work fine for me now!

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This seems to have stopped indexing again. For example this post from yesterday:

We just updated Discourse, it may have broken something. @blake can you check this.


Has there been any more thought about whether the links should be accessible from the “Details” pages such as:

In a case like that you need to go to the Pali page to get the links (since the English is off-site), which isn’t so convenient.

Perhaps thought could also be given to whether there should be a “previous” and “next” button on that page.

Putting these together:
Would it work to duplicate the “three bars” button and the “next” and “previous” buttons (as on the Pali, or other original language pages) onto the “Details” pages. This would give reasonably logical navigation from all pages.

These are good points, @blake can you look into this when you get some time?

using this opportunity i’d like to reiterate my earlier suggestion to associate ‘Discuss & Discover’ button with texts in other languages as well, because preference of reading a text in one’s native language doesn’t negate ability and will to read supplementary material in English, especially that all such material on the site is in English anyway

sure the list in D&D could become congested if references to topics in different languages were all aggregated thereunder, but not yet

I made these changes:

  • Discussions are now available for all languages.
  • There is now a number showing how many discussions are available.

I have also added an experimental feature: Under the list of Discussions, you can click a checkbox to receive notifications when discussions are available for a sutta. Then, whenever you browse to a page, you will receive a Notification via the browser Notifications API informing you of how many discussions are available. If you click on that notification, it will open the sidebar on the discussions list. If it gets annoying you can uncheck the tickbox. Note that this will not work in Internet Explorer which doesn’t implement Notifications, but it should work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and some mobile browsers.

It wouldn’t be difficult to add the Discourse results on details pages, it would mainly be a matter of figuring out the interface.


Thanks, sounds great, see how people like it.

I think the idea is to simply add the sidebar and pre/next nav on the details pages, with whatever info is relevant in the sidebar, incl D&D.

@blake does it take time to appear? because as of now there’s no change

Hi @blake,

the iframe discuss and discover implementation no longer seems to work after this update. I’ve tried on chrome, firefox, edge.

Edge browser on Windows 10 , returned the error:

This content can’t be shown in a frame.
There is supposed to be some content here, but the publisher doesn’t allow it to be displayed in a frame. This is to help protect the security of any information you might enter into this site.

The others return nothing (apart from the link).

Also, it would be super cool if I could have the ‘Notify me of discussions’ checkbox returned in the iframe.