Lion's Posture


What is the significance and/or advantage of the Lion’s posture, lying on the right side, placing one foot on top of the other?


I never know where to place the knees. If they stack it hurts.


I think it is because it does not put pressure on the heart since the heart is on the left.
With Metta


This says otherwise! :thinking:
This Is Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side (Backed by Science)

Nimal’s claim seems kind of reasonable however don’t know what science says.


Left-side lion rebel…:lion: :eyes:

Portrait of wild male lion lying down in the bush, Kruger, South Africa


Buddhism talks about an ideal stuation here!.
Perhaps something like this?




Any information about health benifits ?


What??? :grin:


The Seyyāsutta says that’s how kāmabhogīs do it.


Lying Down

“Bhikkhus, there are these four postures for lying down. What four? The corpse’s posture, the sensualist’s posture, the lion’s posture, and the Tathāgata’s posture.

(1) “And what is the corpse’s posture? Corpses usually lie flat on their backs. This is called the corpse’s posture.

(2) “And what is the sensualist’s posture? The sensualist usually lies on his left side. This is called the sensualist’s posture.

(3) “And what is the lion’s posture? The lion, the king of beasts, lies down on his right side, having covered one foot with the other and tucked his tail in between his thighs. When he awakens, he raises his front quarters and looks back at his hind quarters. If the lion sees any disorderliness or distension of his body, he is displeased. If he does not see any disorderliness or distension of his body, he is pleased. This is called the lion’s posture.

(4) “And what is the Tathāgata’s posture? Here, secluded from sensual pleasures, secluded from unwholesome states, the Tathāgata enters and dwells in the first jhāna … the fourth jhāna. This is called the Tathāgata’s posture.



Apologies, I’ve just gone a bit silly :upside_down_face: and my sense of humour is a bit weird sometimes. It’s back under restraint :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


I read the sutta a long ago, and wondered why this does not mention sleeping on your stomach?

Eventhough, side sleepers tend to have pain, side sleeping keep you away from comfort a bit which helps you to awake easier.
You can be mindful when you fall sleep and it would be much easier to get your sleepiness over.
Eventhough the sutta says left side is for kāmabhogīs I do not understand why right side is much better than left side.

Normally, worldy things are considered left sided and supramundane things right. Our body is intrinsically trained to use left side, and left side is with more power than the right.
Hope someone can find scientific evidences may be??


I have always wondered what does the lions posture actually look like. There are a few options;


But on the right side



Does any one know?


Does not bend from the knees, upper leg shoud be bent a bt to avoid stacking of knees.
Basic posture;
Like this one

Or this one,


I actually think it might be to promote wakefulness…because this posture is not very comfortable.


I don’t see how to lie like that and not get sore knees! :sweat:


I prefer corpse posture. :yum:


That’s a good point!


For right-handed people, sleeping on the right side restrains that hand. It cannot grasp as readily since it is usually cradling the head or something.


I have long thought that this is it. I assume you are implying that it discourages masturbation?