List of concatenated texts for debaking


Concatenated texts are those where more than one “sutta” is contained within a single file. For this list, I only include those texts that may be meaningfully split into the respective suttas.

If we are to adopt the principle of not baking presentation assumptions into text data, then these are candidates for debaking. The segments of each of these need to be renamed from the range ID to the individual sutta ID.

Note that the distinction between debakable and not debakable texts usually follows explicit indications in the texts. Often these suttas are indicated in the MS edition with a bracketed number (1) at the end of each divisible sutta. in other cases, the different suttas are indicated by a repetition of the setting, or a final pali number (pathamam). On the other hand, Peyyala suttas are often indicated with an explicit remark that the text should be expanded. They are clearly intended to be a “range” and thus are not debaked.

  • Anguttara Ones and twos.
  • an11.22-29
  • an3.156-162
  • an3.163-182
  • sn12.83-92
  • sn23.23-33
  • sn23.35-45
  • sn33.11-15
  • sn33.16-20
  • sn33.51-54
  • sn35.33-42
  • sn35.43-51
  • sn43.14-43
  • sn45.104-108
  • sn45.110-114
  • sn45.116-120

I came across the following that need to be renamed as ranges. Again!

  • an8.148

Also some segment corrections:

“an11.502-981:5.5”: “.”,

“sn45.50-54:1.4”: “yadidaṃ—”,
“sn45.50-54:1.5”: “chandasampadā … pe …”,

Markup redux

And going in the other direction, should sn24.38 to sn24.44 actually be baked? :cake:


No, they are unbaked in BB, so we follow him.