Looking for a commentary on Ganakamoggallana Sutta

I can find the text of the sutra just fine but haven’t been able to find a commentary on it.

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See p. 618:

Comparison of factors of gradual training in 32 suttas:


Thanks for the links. Hope there’s more commentaries available

There have been a few modern teachers who have taught this sutta… such as Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero (18 dhamma lectures) or Ajahn Appichato (1 BSWA talk) or Ayya Vayama.

Are you perhaps looking for the ancient commentaries on this sutta? Those are hard to find in English- check here… maybe Ven @sujato can guide us?


Buddhaghosa’s commentary is very brief, for most of the sutta’s contents (both word meanings and the conception of the gradual training) have already been covered in the commentaries to earlier MN suttas. And so after just three paragraphs of explaining words that hadn’t previously been glossed, but whose meaning is pretty obvious, the commentator concludes:

Sesaṃ sabbattha uttānamevāti.
All of the rest of it is quite simple.