Looking for collaborators (readers) for Gujarati and Hindi translations of suttas

I have undertaken a project to translate suttas, starting with MN, into Gujarati and Hindi.
I have finished translating MN1 in both Gujarati and Hindi. At this point, I would like to seek help from potential collaborators. I would really appreciate it if you are a native Hindi or Gujarati speaker and would proofread the translations. Suggestions regarding the translations for better readability are also welcome. I don’t exactly know what the steps are to give collaborators access to the translations but I am sure it is straightforward and will be explained when the time comes.

If you would like to volunteer to read the translations in Hindi or Gujarati, please let me know in this thread

At this point, while I continue with the next suttas, I would like to know about the ease of reading of the translations and whether the meanings and contexts were understandable or not. In my personal opinion, they satisfy both criteria :grin: but I would like independent opinions.

Thank you very much!
with Metta,

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