Looking for Peer-Reviewed, Open-Access, Buddhist-Studies Journals

I am seeking Buddhist-studies journals with archives that can be organized in tabular form (to assist folks searching for articles and book reviews of interest).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far [as of 12 Feb. 2019]:

Any additional comments and suggestions gratefully accepted.

Mettā to all here.


Thanks! I appreciate the feedback, Nanook! A bow of gratitude _/|_


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Have Journal of the Pāḷi Text Society articles tabulated through 1981. Should have it complete through 1882 in the next few days.

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PTS items now tabulated.


Currently exploring the Journals for Buddhist Studies listed at H-Buddhism. Looks promising.

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Also worth exploring: journals listed in a 2009 post (and its responses) in Dhamma Wheel: Academic Journals on Buddhist Studies. Many are still active and accessible.

Archives of the Buddhist Studies Review, Journal of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies have links to PDF files of individual articles (1976-2018).

Pariyatti has republished the 10 volumes of Light of the Dhamma (1952-1963).

The original texts were first copied to avoid damaging the originals and to minimize the bleed-through effect of the aging pages. The copies were then scanned using Optical Character Recognition technology which captured the majority of the Roman script, English characters. The texts were then analyzed word by word for proper translation, including the insertion of the appropriate diacritical marks for Pali words found in the original texts. All pictures and tables were then scanned in and placed appropriately to accurately represent the original formatting. Lastly, they were converted to pdf formats, proofread again and then uploaded to this site.

The archives of the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies currently provide access to articles from 8 volumes of the journal (2005-2012).

Not a journal, but I’d highly recommend subscribing to the Āgama Research Group mailing list. Their subscribers receive articles on early Buddhism of outstanding quality which aren’t necessarily freely available. I almost regret not subscribing sooner.

If anyone subscribed before Feb 21 and would like to forward their 2018 and pre-Feb 21 2019 emails, I’d be most grateful!