Looking for volunteer for Hindi translation of SC-Voice user interface

Following up from this post

we have now a more specific request.

@karl_lew met an Indian person who is going blind and would like to listen to suttas in Hindi translation in Voice. There are some suttas translated into Hindi on SuttaCentral, and in order to be able to access those in Voice one step would be to have the user interface translated into that language.

What needs to be translated is a list of about 200 words which are found in this file:

If any Hindi speaking user here on D&D would volunteer to help this would be much appreciated! :pray:


Thank you, Anagarika Sabbamitta. Having help with Hindi would indeed be most welcome. And we would be able to use the Aditi voice not only for Pali, but for Hindi!



Hi Venerable, a warm welcome to the forum!

It would indeed be great to have the entire canon covered in Hindi language (but I don’t know where this project of typing up the texts is currently at).

SuttaCentral Voice would also like to make Hindi sutta translations available for those with visual disabilities, and in order to do so would need about 200 words for the Voice web interface be translated into Hindi. Do you happen to know someone who would be able to do this? This would be greatly appreciated!


Well, thank you, Sabbamitta.
And yes, I’ll do it. Just send me what needs to be translated.


That’s fantastic! It is in this file:

It’s the terms in the right part of each line, after the colon; everything that is inside the single or double quotation marks.

If you have already a GitHub account you can edit the file directly on GitHub. If you prefer you can copy the file into a text editor and edit there, I can then upload it to GitHub when you’re done.



Did my best. I hope I was useful.


Do you mean, you’re already done with the translation? That would be simply incredible! Can you please upload it here?


Oh I’m sorry, I’m new to github. I thought changes proposed would show up there automatically. Anyways, here it is:


I’ve updated the file again. Here’s the final link.


I actually would also have expected to be notified, but I didn’t receive anything. GitHub is so complex, and I don’t by far know everything there!

Thank you so much! You’re granted the award for the quickest interface translation ever :medal_sports: —and an extra piece of cake! :cake: :grin: I’ll let you know as soon as your translation is visible on the staging server.

However, it will still take a while before Hindi suttas can be listened to or downloaded. We have a voice, Aditi, which is originally trained for Hindi, but we use it for Pali, and it has quite a bit of customization for that. Making it work for a second purpose will require some thought and work. But having the interface for Hindi is an important prerequisite for any further steps! It will be visible on production with our next release which might still happen before the end of this year, with a bit of luck. :pray:

@Viveka, would you please move the posts that have to do with Voice web interface to this thread? Thank you!


Thank you, @Viveka!

Venerable @Abhibhu, I have asked one of the moderators to move our discussion to this thread where it naturally belongs.

I have to say, Hindi looks very beautiful to my eyes! :rose:


Did you say I just earned a cake? :crazy_face:

Looking forward to it.

We’ll keep our finger crossed.

Somebody may consider a very slight possibility that it may have something to do with the typist.


Here it is.


The term for “search” in the search field is according to the selected transaltion language and won’t be Hindi as long as we don’t have a Hindi voice. In the case of the screen shot it is German.

Let’s bring all nations together with the Buddha’s teachings! :india: :us: :de: and more…

When going to the staging server you will have to ignore all warnings of your browser and just open it all the same.

Thank you so much, Bhante, for doing this translation! We hope many people will benefit and find an easier access to the Dhamma. :dharmawheel:

You can use the Hindi interface and still listen to suttas in English. I haven’t switched back from German to English in my own interface ever since we made it, except for testing purposes. I feel it is quite a different experience to see things in one’s own language, although I have no trouble understanding the English. The Buddha knew why he recommended to study the Dhamma in one’s own language. It makes a difference!