MA Translation now Freely Available

BDK has recently posted a number free translations including The Mahadma Agama (Middle-Length Discourses), Volume 1, translated by Marcus Bingenheimer, Editor in Chief Bhikkhu Anālayo

The Madhyama Āgama (Middle-Length Discourses), Volume I (Taishō 26)


I came here to post this! It’s so good to have this seminal work available for free, everyone should download it. Also, just so everyone is aware, the printed editions of these are very nicely done; I have a hard copy of this myself. So for reading pleasure, consider a hard copy if you can.


Ah the advantages of being in an early time zone… :slight_smile:

I don’t have this particular volume, but personally I really like having hard copies for detailed reading and electronic for searching…

Will these translations now turn up on Sutta Central? It would be particularly nice for re-listening to Ven Analayo’s lectures:

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Stay tuned …