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AN9.35:13.2: tatra tatreva sakkhibhabbataṁ pāpuṇāti sati sati āyatane.
They are capable of realizing it, in each and every case.

The change to “they are capable of realizing those things, since each and every one is within range” should probably also be applied here and in subsequent similar segments; again in AN 5.28, AN 5.23, AN 5.68, and AN 6.71.

AN8.64:3.1: So kho ahaṁ, bhikkhave, aparena samayena appamatto ātāpī pahitatto viharanto obhāsañceva sañjānāmi, rūpāni ca passāmi;
So after some time, living alone, withdrawn, diligent, keen, and resolute, I perceived light and saw visions.

“Alone” and “withdrawn” are absent from the Pali.

“Perspectives” has been changed to “rounds”, but not in the title of SN 22.56.