dead links

dunno whether it’s just for maintenance or for good, but Majjhima Nikaya texts collection has been closed and so links from Suttacentral are inoperable

all other collections are still accessible

so just in case Majjhima Nikaya translations can be accessed via the Archive

or an unofficial mirror of a Ukrainian buddhist Dmitrii ‘Assaji’ Ivakhnenko at


Thanks, but there’s not much to do about this. has been flaky for some time, it tends to go up and down. Our long term plan is to replace all external links as far as possible, for precisely this reason, so we won’t be moving to another external site. Instead we are focused on developing our own consistent and high quality translations.

It would be awesome if we could somehow intensify publication of available non-English translations

maybe have a few native speakers of popular languages appointed for performing precisely this task - assessment, proofreading and publication of incoming translations

I’ve just changed our URLs to point to rather than for the relevant texts. These are in Unicode, as well as having the unbeatable virtue of actual existence. Thanks for pointing out this mirror.

As far as updating the various language translations goes, if there is anything you’re aware of, please let us know. We have a few projects on the boil, so to speak. Updated and expanded texts for Sinhala, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, and other languages can be expected, while others such as Khmer are further down the track. My most wanted languages for further expansion are those of Africa (eg. Swahili), the Middle East (eg. Arabic), and other Indian (eg. Tamil).

If anyone is interested to correct, expand, or update texts in any language, this is great. However our main focus is on developing a new set of translations based on our Pootle software. Once this is deployed, the process of expanding translations will become a whole lot easier and more powerful.

Maybe you can host the content on Github site if it is static and point to it. This is more bullet proof.

I’d rather not waste any more time on it. It’s really a substandard text, one that was never meant for publication, and is only used for lack of a better alternative. Better to focus on doing a really good new edition!

Metta net is available here

I usually use this when I am lazy to type. So I just copy and paste, and then check for any mistakes.

Dear Bhante Sujatho,

There are some translations of Tamil .

And ,