Offline PTS Pali-English dictionary

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For everyone interested, an HTML version of the PTS dictionary courtesy of Ven Sujato
with enhanced usability for offline use

or in the attachment
PTS (2.5 MB)


Note that there is, in fact, no “complete” Pali English dictionary. The Critical pali Dictionary (which you can use online here was supposed to fulfill this role, but was abandoned in a very incomplete state.

What do you mean by “there is, in fact, no ‘complete’ Pali-English dictionary”? So how complete is the downloadable PTS dictionary mentioned?

The PTS dictionary is complete in the sense that it covers the whole alphabet. But it does not include every word in the Pali Canon, let alone in later Pali literature. The new dictionary by Margaret Cone, published by the PTS, is intended to fill this gap, but so far only two out of four volumes have been published. It will be another 10-15 years before it is completed. But even this dictionary is not as comprehensive as the CPD, which unfortunately has been abandoned.


Thank you for the clarification Ven. Brahmali.

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The offline version of the PTS Dictionary is a highly valuable tool and exactly what I needed. Even more so, the search function, also with the “^” for the actual terms, saves a lot of time.

I can see much use for the second dictionary window at the bottom of the page, but how do you navigate to go from one letter to another?

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you load it via the file _PTS dictionary START.html, it opens in frames with means of navigation coarse and refined

the bottommost frame isn’t meant for navigation but for loading and lookup of terms referenced in the dictionary body by hyperlinks

Thank you for the clarification.

Very nice! Anumodana, Bhante @Sujato!

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unfortunately i wasn’t able to implement an idea i had about functionality of this setup due to my javascript illiteracy

namely highlighting a link of the coarse navigation menu and switching the refined navigation menu at scroll event of the main frame when it passes a certain anchor

so people amongst us versed in this stuff, ready to contribute and having some spare time are welcome to take up the task

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Does anybody know of any way to get the CPD in an offline digital version? Legally of course!

No I don’t, I have tried. If anyone has any ideas, that would be very useful. In fact we should approach the Uni of Copenhagen to see if the dictionary can be integrated with SC.

While we’re at it, if anyone knows of a good Sanskrit dictionary for offline use that would be great. There are quite a few online ones, and some poor offline ones I’ve found, but none that are really usable offline.

You would probably need to contact Ole Holten Pind. Let me know if you need his details.