MN 148 eng, B.Sujato, 2 errors found, expanding this to "no peyyāla" edition

should be neutral feeling where I bold “pleasant”

Eye consciousness arises dependent on the eye and sights.
The meeting of the three is contact.
Contact is a condition for the arising of what is felt
as pleasant, painful, or neutral.
When you experience a pleasant feeling,
if you approve, welcome, and keep clinging to it,
the underlying tendency to greed underlies that.

When you experience a painful feeling,
if you sorrow and wail and lament,
beating your breast and falling into confusion,
the underlying tendency to repulsion underlies that.

When you experience a pleasant feeling,
if you don’t truly understand that feeling’s origin, ending,
gratification, drawback, and escape,
the underlying tendency to ignorance underlies that.

for “mind”, same thing.

For the SC and DPR pali, is this a mistake?

cakkhu-samphassassa uppādopi
same for mano-samphassassa

seems like it should be samphassa?

I had the bad idea of making a “no peyyāla” edition for MN 148 (B.Sujato edition), I thought it would be a 2-3 hour job, spent over 10 hours so far. Gone too far to abandon it. I had a morbid curiosity to see how it would take to chant the full sutta no pe. Curiosity killed this cat.

I will need someone skilled in pali to proofread my finished work. I can guarantee there are mistakes in there where I declined/conjugated 6 sense bases wrong.

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Thanks, fixed.

No, it is genitive, “the arising of contact …”

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Just checking you fixed 4 instances of that and not just two right? the next section which is the inverse of the section I quoted, also has the same two errors under ‘eye’ and ‘mind’.