MN-43 Mahāvedallasutta literal translation draft of the 'Great-vedalla-discourse'

I’ve been slowly plugging away at my study/translation project in the EBT’s as part of my own studies and Dharma practice. A large part of this process is to work from scratch and isolate stem, prefix and suffix elements and create a level of parity to uncover word and textual links that exist in the Pali, but which can seem obscure in English in order to improve and clarify my understanding.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of the vast EBT collection of Suttas so don’t consider myself a translator, with that said I’d like share this link to the pdf draft of what has been the most challenging Sutta and possibly most rewarding to translate: ‘MN-43 Mahāvedallasutta’. At first it may seem hard to read in the layout I’m using, but there is a natural lilt which I quite like.

Constructive input and guidance are welcome, but please be patient as my health is declining so I don’t have the energy to engage in any lengthy discussion and it may take a while to answer any questions.

Kind regards Ani