MN 9¾ 'Magical Meditation'

Recently I revisited Bhante @Sujato’s A History of Mindfulness (2012). In Chapter 15 he “present[s] a reconstruction of […] the authentic source material for the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta.”

As I found Bhante Sujato’s reconstruction helpful in understanding Right Mindfulness, I considered it worthwhile to update his reconstruction to match with his 2018 translations. The updated reconstruction provides a lucid alternative to MN 10 ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ and its six parallelsーall existing versions have their associated problems.

With tongue-in-cheek, I have named the updated reconstruction “MN 9¾ ‘Magical Meditation.’” A hidden sutta, in-between MN 9 and MN 10, set in an elusive village called Hogsmeade, near Hogwarts Castle (but do not fear, apart from the first paragraph, my version does not feature any more witchcraft!). The discourse takes the reader on a magical meditation journey, leading all the way from body observation to the front door of the illuminations of Right Immersion.

Without further ado, here is MN 9¾ ‘Magical Meditation’ .pdf (372.3 KB)


Lumos! :sparkler: