Monastics that go for alms in the West (part II)

Since the previous thread, my interest has expanded to any monastic that goes for alms in the West/non-traditionally-Buddhist countries. I’m interested in what that looks like in context of societies where Buddhism is not well known. (And for clarification, by alms-going I mean that mendicants must leave their monastery/residence and receive food from lay people along their route.)

I loved that folks began to share their own experiences and photos of pindapata around the Western world, something I hope we can continue :slight_smile:

That said, since the previous thread was closed for straying off-topic, I’d remind everyone to keep posts to simply sharing experiences and asking questions about alms round.

To kick us off fresh, here’s a little video of alms round last Wednesday with two Theravada monastics and a Thiền monastic walking through Union Square, NYC on pindapata.

And also from Wed, July 31 :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Sumano, for continuing this topic! Until it was derailed, I really enjoyed hearing the stories our fine Venerables had to relay. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread to hopefully prevent a repeat of part I.


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Here’s a nice article written about the Pacific Hermitage monks by one of their local newspapers. It seems like they do a daily alms round, which is quite something :relieved:


The link doesn’t work on my phone machine :thinking:

Hmm, it works on my iPhone but it took a very long time to load. I think the page isn’t very mobile or browser friendly.

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Lovely article. Works fast on Aussie iPhone!! :kangaroo:

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