Most-viewed suttas on SC?

In a similar spirit to SarathW1’s What is the traffic flow of SC?, I’m curious to know which are the most accessed suttas on SC. It would be interesting to see which suttas are globally the most popular in terms of viewing.



Well, the Google analytics data doesn’t distinguish between sutta pages and other pages, so we can’t automate an extensive list. But here’s the top ten for the last month.

  1. MN 10 Satipatthana (en)
  2. DN 1 Brahmajala (en)
  3. Dhammapada
  4. MN 118 Ānāpānasati (en)
  5. DN 1 Brahmajala (pi) (This is probably people clicking the Pali by mistake, which is a good hint the UI is not ideal!)
  6. DN 30 Lakkhaṇa (id)
  7. MN 54 Potaliya (en)
  8. AN 3.34 Nidāna (es)
  9. MN 26 Ariyapariyesanā (en)
  10. MN 19 Dvedhāvitakka (en)

Most of these are expected, but there’s a few dark horses. The seemingly random appearance of, say, AN 3.34 Nidāna in Spanish may be because someone wrote an article about it, or something like that.


It’s the one that the developers constantly use to check stuff: just the first one on the list.


Yes, that probably counts for a lot! But I guess it’s also the one that random first time readers tend to click on. It’s obviously not a great sutta for a new reader, so we should think about mentioning this in the Introduction on the new site.


You should be able to exclude IP addresses of your developers from GA. in my experience it really makes a difference to how your stats look.


Just curious. What will be happening when the new translations go live. Will they replaced all the other translations, say from Bhikkhus Bodhi and Thanissaro, or will there be the option to view several translations?


The new site will have the possibility to see translations from various authors in the same language. So all current translations will also be visible. The main difference is that the new translations by Bhante Sujato will have extra functionality, for instance seeing the translated text next to or above the pali text.


Wonderful. Thank you for answering. :slight_smile:

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