What is the traffic flow of SC?

How many users are there in SC central at a given time?
For example, Dhamma Wheel shows the total users are online at a given time.
Is it possible to display this information (some statistics) to the public in SC?
It is interesting to see how many people are benefited from our effort.

I take it that you mean the Discuss & Discover forum and not the SuttaCentral website. There are separate statistics for both, and as an admin I can see this, but it is not visible for users.

For the website, our new design does not feature such a function and for the forum, the Discourse package is not able to do so. There are some discussions about such a feature on meta.discourse.org:

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As one indication of traffic, here are the page views for the past 30 days, as calculated by Discourse itself for the forum, and by Google Analytics for the main site. These numbers are not trivial to calculate; for example, what does a page view mean on an infinite scrolling app like Discourse? So I wouldn’t take these as being directly comparable, but they’ll give you some idea.

  • SuttaCentral: 181,574
  • Discuss & Discover: 265,200

What is the growth rate of SC (only if readily available)?

These are some old stats from last year:


I haven’t made any new ones. Might do it for the end of the year again.

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Here’s the Google analytics sessions (not page views) for the main site for the past year.


Google Analytics is blocked by adblockers like uBlock Origin, so it won’t be accurate. For page hits, server-side statistics will be better.

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In statistics what is important is the trend rather than the real numbers.
It is good to know the real numbers if they are available.

Yes, we should pay more attention to this. But at least it should depict the overall trend.

It seems adblocking rose about 30% in the past year, and accounts for over a quarter of internet users.

What are the total number of posts? I can’t see that listed any where. The users page also does not show totals. It would be nice to see stats on number of active topics and total posts for the whole forum, if possible.

For me personally, I’d rather see those stats than the number of likes a poster has. The Dhamma and views are not a popularity contest.

I’m afraid you’ll have to take this up with the developers at meta.discourse. They have opinions on such matters!

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Okay, so it’s a limitation by the software. That’s too bad, because it would have been interesting, imo, to see the total number in the success of this forum.

dhammwheel (theravada) has over 400,000 posts
dharmawheel (mahayana) has about 400,000 posts
thedaobums doesn’t show, but appears to be over 500,000 posts

And then there are several other pan-Buddhist forums with less than 100,000 posts. In spite of the Theravada - EBT specific focus, SC appears to be up with the top 3 forums mentioned above.

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I don’t think those numbers say anything unless you include a timeframe.
Dhammawheel for instance has been going far longer than we, so I would expect them to have a higher number of posts overall. What is more important is the number of posts per month/year.


Hi Ayya,

Yes, I agree, it would be nice to see that too. SC is doing very well.

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Well here is a graph of the number of posts per day for the last year. So max is 300 posts per day.


Excellent! Thanks for posting that graph. I just looked it up in the admin panel at dhammawheel. Over at DhammaWheel, we are averaging 133 posts per day since the start of DW. SC appears to be at the same rate or even higher. Good news, for Dhamma propagation.


Most important thing is the quality of the post.
No point of we have a hair-splitting argument about a useless subject.
What is important is the topic with the most like.

True, but you cannot get that from statistics.

This is page views per day for the last year:

Topics with more than 25 likes are not so many:

And considering that “What would a Buddhist do in a Zombie outbreak” is in this list, I wonder if number of likes per post is always so telling of the quality … :wink:


There is a tendency to crawl to admin and the moderators on the internet forums.

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