Move over meditation – breathwork has become the newest wellness trick

Ahem….the new $$$ maker based on freely available knowledge….

( I guess they haven’t heard of yoga and pranayama :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :person_facepalming:t4:)

Anyway all these ‘wellness’ gimmicks won’t work without removing the root causes of workplace stress, don’t you think? Just a ruse to make u work harder :rofl:


It is good that you brought this up. This type of cancer is metastasizing to many different areas. The workplace is one of them. I have heard preposterous applications and recommendations to mental health—the purpose is the same: you are the “troublemaker,” everything else would be perfect if you didn’t “create problems.” I’ve seen things along the lines: “are you depressed? It’s just in your head; you are seeing things the wrong way.” Not only it is a gross simplification, it is a particularly perverse way of handling people under severe mental distress. It doesn’t help and further reinforces the idea that they are “defective,” something they struggle a lot with. No loving-kindness, no compassion, just harsh judgments disguised as benevolent advice.


Proper breath is not to be underestimated. Any googling on mouth breathing versus nose breathing (or from your own experience) will show you that.

Yoga, meditation, breath work - there is an interest for it and thus it’s capitalized upon. But on the other hand, I think these are great doorways for people to start looking within rather than without. Heck, psychedelics have probably led to a fair share of people starting to look inward for truth, eventually ending up as Buddhist monks and nuns, rather than externally pursuing material possesions to combat our sufferings in life.

I say everything that makes you start investigating inwardly is for the better of the world. It might not lead to removing the root cause of suffering, but so won’t Buddhism in a heartbeat either. At least not for me :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s a good push in the right direction as far as I’m concerned!


Yeah, it cost a few dollars for suckers, much like how few yogis pay their ass off going to sit on their ass and learn the same kind of tricks.

Maybe, and maybe stuff like this could be the breakthrough on a larger scale than religions are capable of doing in these strange days.

Anyway, I’ve tried a few of such tricks out, and they can easily be used as skilful means, like warm-ups and mental vacuum clean before formal meditation.

Yeah, if it helps you, and you want to spend $$ on it, no problem. We all want to reduce our suffering :pray:t3:

My peeve is with corporations that give u these ‘gimmicks’ as antidotes to the stressful workplaces they are creating. I cringe when I hear of ‘Mental Health initiatives’ without addressing issues like workloads, pay equity, time off etc…


There is good free stuff out there, and those who sell breathwork-retreats does it precisely the same way as those who sell the dhamma. And I find nothing wrong about that, just a bit sad that people gets stuck to some unique methods and teachers/gurus. The same goes with religions; we are the champions😇

And big corporations have been in the same marketplace for decades now, so I don’t get the fuss about it, now :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not just about the breath, it’s rising millennial awareness of the element Air:

“According to the data collated through ‘The Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Millennials’ Return to Work and Travel’, which was conducted by Carbon Lighthouse, an overwhelming majority of millennials say they will feel safer returning to the office (82%) with access to real-time, transparent information on indoor air quality.”—Millennials value air quality transparency for safe return to offices

“never before has indoor air quality (IAQ) entered the mainstream consciousness the way it did in 2020. There is now ever-more persuasive evidence that we all must care about the air inside the places we work, travel, and play — with health and wellness benefits that extend well after vaccinations are prevalent.”—TTRW