My own renditions of some suttas


Sure, the main thing is the content. If you have well-structured and organized content it is not hard to move between platforms.

Serious. There has for quite some time been an underground hacking war going on in Myanmar and possibly some other places. A Muslim hacker group has been aggressively destroying any and all Buddhist or vaguely Buddhist-related web presence. Two of my friends have had their sites hacked. I don’t want to mention the group’s name as I don’t want to show up in searches for them; but if anyone is interested i can share it in PM. You can see bunches of sites that have been hacked by them.

Indeed. Github is perfect for a simple static publishing. The exemplary example (did I just do that?) for a simple static-text site is, in my view, Jonathon Walters’ Legends of the Buddhist Saints, designed and built by Dana Johnson using Github and Jekyll:

It’s a great example of what such a site should be. Simple, reliable, beautiful.


That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I’m kind of sold on this, but not sure when I’ll be able to implement it since I have zero knowledge about github and jekyll. So this will probably take some time.


I see. Yes, that makes sense. There’s the ideological motive, too. Honestly, the internet has become a nightmare in the past decade or two.

I used to cobble together static websites back in the day with just html, even before CSS. I’ll have to take a look at this possibility. They give you plenty of space and bandwidth. I’ve been wanting to attract some crowdfunding attention, which would be considered commercial, but I can barely attract any readers at all. I might try something like this as a project.