Navigation from Dictionary Entries

Dictionary entries often have references to the Suttas using html like “SN.iii.159” on a grey background. How does one use these to navigate? They don’t seem to be links (for me), and searching SC using this form doesn’t hit on the intended sutta or passage.



The grey boxes aren’t links for anyone, I think. They seem to be footnotes that have to be tracked down on one’s own. If you’re having trouble with respect to the citation itself:

Unfortunately, SN.iii.159 looks like it heads to one of the wonky offsite links, and not SC at all, which may also be part of the problem.

If this doesn’t help, what is the exact issue otherwise?

You’ve got it.

  • Are they supposed to be Links? No.
  • Are you supposed to be able to search SC for “SN.iii.159”? No.
  • How do I interpret the various forms of Sutta references? Many other topics and questions cover this, I’m sure.


The references mentioned in the PTS dictionary are those of the PTS volume & page numbers in the PTS editions of the pali canon.

Ideally they would be links but given the sheer volume of the PTS dictionary, this would be a huge job to make.

You can find the PTS volume & page numbers in the lists of the suttas. For instance “SN.iii.159” is in the Samyutta Nikaya, volume III, page 159. So if you look in the Samyutta Nikaya 22: SuttaCentral you can see this:

So your reference refers to SN 22.105 and SN 22.106. At the moment we do not have an English translation of these two suttas yet, but this should be ready in a few months when we launch the new website.


Ah, ok. I see how to use the List of Suttas to find the Vol/Page.