New formats for Therigatha: Kindle, Docx. PDF, Booklet, TXT, HTML

You can now get multiple formats of the June 2019 version of the Therigatha translated by Bhante Sujato and Jessica Walton. They are built from the EPUB file available from the SuttaCentral Download page.

The main motivation for making these was to create a Kindle version that people could download directly without having to convert using software such as Calibre. Although it is not as apparent in this book, the epub converted to Kindle is not as well formatted as a book created with the Kindle in mind. In this edition the main differences are

  • New cover that is readable, in part, as a thumbnail
  • Placing the guide to the end so one doesn’t have to page through it when first opening the book
  • Making the Table of Contents hierarchical
  • Removing the unnecessary citation data from sub-chapter headings
  • Placing main chapter headings on their own page
  • Reducing the margins of verses so more can be displayed on a page (If the whole book is verses, why indent them? it just means the line breaks mean less and less is seen on a screen)


There are also three PDF’s offered

  • A4
  • A5 (half of A4, suitable for reading on a tablet)
  • A5 booklet to be printed on A4 (only needs 25 sheets of paper)

If there is a demand for Letter-size, I can make them and post.

I don’t usually make txt flies available, but I just had a monk ask me for an ASCII version so he could load it onto a pocket digital dictionary to read. So, what the heck. Line breaks have been added so it is more readable. And of course a Unicode version.

And just so there are an even 10, I also threw in a clean HTML version with a working table of contents. Anything worth doing is worth over-doing, eh?

Feedback is of course welcome. And I share all merits (and most of the credit) with the original translators and all the people who make Sutta Central possible.