New Release: Saṃvegasaṅgaho: The Linguistic and Contextual Formulations of a Sense of Urgency in Pāḷi Buddhist Literature

Greetings in Dhamma,
I would like to briefly introduce and share another paper that was finalized recently. It is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject of saṃvega (or a sense of urgency) that I know of. From the abstract: The present research paper is an in-depth exploration of the the Pāḷi term saṃvego (“sense of urgency”) and some of its cognates as they appear in Pāḷi Buddhist literature; that is, the writings comprising the tipiṭaka as well as their subsidiary commentaries (aṭṭhakathā ) and sub-commentaries (ṭīkā ). With that, it throws into sharp relief the fundamental importance of the underlying concept evoked by these terms, contributing to the field of Buddhist Studies insofar as it is the first treatment of the subject assuming such extent and detail, especially concerning the formulations as found in exegetical Pāḷi literature. Keywords: Sense of urgency, fear, shock, impulse, motivation, inspiration, Pāḷi literature.

Available as a free download:

Blessings of the Triple Gem!
A. Bhikkhu


a wonderful work. Some years ago I was looking inside the Suttas about the springs of the will and the nature of the sense of urgency. Your detailed book is a gift for this issue
Thanks so much! :blush: :pray:


Thank you for your kind feedback!

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