New Upgrade for SuttaCentral

This morning, our developers have rolled out a new upgrade for the SuttaCentral website to address some of the most urgent bugs you have reported in the last week. Thank you all for contributing to make this a great website!

Issues that have been addressed: (If you cannot see the changes, please empty your browser’s cache)

  1. Improved general performance so browsing is faster.
  2. Upgrade for Safari browsers.
  3. External links work again.
  4. Search option for international searches has been enabled.
  5. PWA (offline usage) is improved for Chrome, but for other browsers we have temporarily disabled it until we’re sure we can get it working properly.

We will continue to address several bugs and make improvements to the site.

The other great news is that our STXNext developers will be with us for another week!


Ah, maybe this is what has been causing problems on my end. Yesterday and today (I don’t remember before that) I have been unable to get to pages I have been trying to. I just did a test - for example from here:

I can see this:

But if I click on Sujato, or Bodhi, or Mahasangita, I get just blank pages, such as:

Just now I was looking for MN 119. Didn’t work, so tried DN 1 as a test asuming the begining of the beginning at least is probably up. So, reporting this here.

I’m on a Mac, OS 10.12.6 with Firefox, ,wishing to study dhamma :slight_smile:


In the meantime, does anyone know anywhere else I can get the Pāli of each sutta online while these troubles get resolved? I used to use the Pāli Reader but it no longer works with fiefox.

Did you try Chrome too? Does that give the same result?

In the mean time, you can look at the pali (but not Bhante Sujato’s translations) on the old site


Ah, thank you @Vimala, don’t know why I didn’t think of that! Yes just ran a text and it’s working in Chrome, thank you!

And, the automatic dictionary look up is working with Chrome too - it was not working with the new site with firefox on my system at all. Great!

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Firefox will run out an upgrade in May after which we hope the site will perform a whole lot better on Firefox.

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Don’t know if you’re aware but the search function for sutta references even if you leave out the space as I believe is what was instructed, still doesn’t seem to be working properly (using Chrome now):


No, it only searches for the MN part, not the number. We are aware of that.

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Oh no! Ok I didn’t hear that one, last I heard we were just meant to leave out the space. Ok I guess we will have to rely on google until the search is up and running :slight_smile:

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No, please, I beg you! :pray:

If you know the sutta number, just write it in the URL. Search engines are meant for cases where you need to work out fuzzy information. If you know the sutta ID, you know the URL, and there is no need for a search engine at all!


So true. Nowadays, we are using google to access the same websites everyday, even though we know the URL, just because it’s quick… we don’t even notice that a search engine is not meant for this in theory. But in the meantime we are providing behavioural information/personal data to Google by doing that! Much better to have some saved URL in bookmarks or, even better, in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.


Ah I see! Sorry Ajahn, I had thought it was you who had said to type the reference without a space. But yes, the url… good idea!

Yes… but…

However, in practice, I bet many many people will be using the search function for sutta references! Culturally common practice! :slight_smile: People go with the easy way they know!

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Thank you for the new SC version. But on my computer, I am using firefox, it is very slow. Sometimes I had used SC on my mobile phone. But with the new version it takes a lot of time getting any reaction. The sidebar is working very slowly and overlaps the text. Are there coming any solutions for that problem? I’m very sorry for that critique, but I use SC very often when I’m on the train or bus.


Hi Stefan! I think this is a known issue that Ayya @Vimala referenced in a different topic. The new site uses Web Components and Firefox is currently working on an update to support it that should be released in May. As a fan of Firefox, I’m looking forward to it as well.

Here’s Firefox (Mozilla) 's description:


Yes, this is true for Firefox. It will work better on Chrome. As @aconlan pointed out, Firefox will roll out a new version (they say in May) that will make it work better.

You will need to swipe it to the side. I also suspect it will become faster in the future with new browser upgrades for these issues.

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Is there any way to go to the list of suttas in a particular Pali collection like on the old site where they were all listed, also along with the PTS reference numbers in a separate column? It was much easeir to find a sutta that I didn’t know the number of if I could glance down a list. Having to scroll through from the top of a collection is really tedious. Am I just missing something?


Is there a tutorial somewhere explaining how people can use the various widgets?

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Not yet, but it’s on the to-do list.

Not in a column because the new view has far more information that would not fit into a table view any more. The PTS reference numbers are there. But you don’t have to open the entire collection; you can also just open a portion of it.

I just made a quick one to explain how to use the Pali lookup ‘bubbles’.