Noongar Translations

Kaya! (Hello)

My name is Buddhadassa,

I am a Whadjuk Menang Maaman (Perth, Albany Man) living at Bodhinyana monestry in Serpentine training under Ajhan Brahm.

I am here under the direction of Bhikkhu Sujato and Ajhan Brahmali; translating the Suttas into my native language: “Noongar Language” (Australian Aboriginal language from South West, Western Australia.)

Thankyou for this opportunity, i look forward to working with you all.

With Woon-ya (Metta)



A warm welcome to the forum.

How wonderful to hear about your project! Wishing you the very best in this work.


Dear venerable,

Welcome to Discover and Discuss (D&D) forum - we are so lucky to have you here and doing these translations - very awesome! We hope you find the discussions here beneficial and enjoyable. Please make use of the various resources, FAQs, and previous threads; you can use the search function for topics and keywords you are interested in. The forum’s guidelines are here: FAQ - Discuss & Discover .

Also tagging @carmi who assists new translators.

If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding anything, feel free to contact the moderators by including @moderators in your post or a PM.

Much Woon-ya!
@Michaelh on behalf of the moderators


How wonderful, Venerable! I’m making Bhante @sujato and @carmi aware of your post. Carmi assists translators with technical support, setting up projects in the Bilara translation app etc.

This is the first word I learn in an aboriginal Australian language! :laughing: :heart:


Thank you for the welcome

@carmi @moderators

I have completed my first Sutta and wish to upload.

I am translating directly from Bhante Sujato’s english translation of Anguttara Nikaya
Volume 1

How do i go about this please? I had a quick glance at Bilira on Ajhan Brahmali’s laptop; to confirm it is: ?

I would like 3 coloums, Pali, English (Sujato’s) and Noongar.

With great gratitude



Greetings @Buddhadassa :slight_smile: :pray:

Can you please send me your GitHub username? It will take a few days to set up your Bilara project as I need to check with Bhante @sujato the language code to be added to Bilara and SuttaCentral. GitHub is used for project setup, version-controlled archive of root texts and translations, and publication workflow from Bilara to SuttaCentral.

I’ve started a separate thread for us to work through the details of your project with Bhante Sujato and Ayya Sabbamitta.