Notes on the segmentation of Pali Vinaya with Brahmali's translation


Ajahn @brahmali: First of all, thanks for giving me this lovely story to work on! :heart_eyes:

In segment 152 it says: “When her son and daughter-in-law found at that she was well, they too gave him four thousand coins each”

I think this should be, they found out that she was well, and correct it accordingly. (Or at least tried to, but again the server doesn’t want to take it… :cry:)


…and just in case it’s not happily reproducible when someone takes a look, it said:

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At the top of the page it still say this:


which I have never seen before.


Pootle now seems to be stable—on the side of the error. :sob:

@sujato @blake


Pootle has come back, and this is fixed now. :white_check_mark:

Much thanks to whoever applied their skills to make it work again! @blake? :anjal:

Just had to try it a little more—and in segment 185 I found the following:

Well then, Jīvaka, please attend on me, the harem, and Order of monks headed by the Buddha.

the Order of monks :white_check_mark: fixed that too.


Ahh, yes, Pootle died and Blake fixed it, all better now.


It was a short resurrection unfortunately. This morning it is dead again. :cry:

@blake, help please!


Yes, it is dead again. Unfortunately, timing is bad, we are desperately trying to get the new SC ready for launch, so Blake is pretty preoccupied. It might take a couple of days.


Good to hear that there is still hope! I was already wondering if we have to prepare for the funeral… :coffin:

Patiently waiting for Doctor Blake to come :man_health_worker: :syringe:


Pootle is back this morning!! :balloon: :balloon: :woman_cartwheeling:

Probably it wasn’t just done with a single application of ointment, like Jīvaka did in the case of King Pasenadi; but this must have been a bit more complicated, rather like in the next story I have been able to paste into Pootle right now: A brain surgery including the removal of two corrosive insects… :dagger: :ant: :bug:

Many thanks to Doctor @blake!


Kd 8 segment 349

When he eventually arrived, a went to King Bimbisāra

corrected to: … he went to King Bimbisāra


The patient seems still a bit weak… :sleeping_bed:

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@blake , please!


Just some servicing, it’s back now.


:relieved: Thanks!


It seems it’s not quite the time for taking a breath yet, for right now (or already for one or two hours) I can browse the whole site, but can’t submit any new text. Each time I try it says “server error”, without any more information (just a message popping up shortly).

I have to call for Doctor @blake again… thank you! :anjal:


This morning the server is completely down again, with the same error information as has been some days ago. @blake, @sujato :anjal:


Hi Bhante @sujato, is there any hope that Pootle will come to work again? I couldn’t do anything at all for almost a week now although I tried several times every day, and I’m wondering if or when I will be able to continue.

A somewhat related question: Is there any prospect that Bilara can take over from Pootle any time soon? (And if yes, will it then be possible to ‘rescue’ all the data from Pootle?)


Having said the above, I now have to add:

Miracles do indeed happen! Suddenly this afternoon Pootle was willing to serve me again, and I made use of the opportunity and added a few bits to the segmentation.

From today on I will call the Pootle server Anicca III—will see what it is willing to do tomorrow! :laughing:


Yes, so sorry everyone, Blake is not really sure what has caused the recent series of outages. He has tried a new fix and hopefully that will stick, so please let us know how it goes.


Today it is working! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: