NTI Reader Chrome Extension

I just found this Chrome extension which looks like it will be very useful. From the extension’s description:

The NTI Reader Chinese-English Buddhist dictionary can be used to find terms from Chinese with simplified, traditional, or or lookup with Hanyu pinyin. Reverse lookup from English equivalent is also supported. You can do multi-term lookup for longer Chinese phrases, and multi-language lookup with Sanskrit, Pali, Japanese, and Tibetan for common Buddhist terms.
The extension uses a multi-dictionary framework, currently including the NTI Reader and the Fo Guang Shan Humanistic Buddhism Glossary. It is like the https://ntireader.org web site but can be installed as a Chrome Extension. This can help you stay within the flow of a Chinese document, avoiding the need to switch back and forth between pages.

A screenshot of it in action:


It will be nice the NTI dictionary can be integrated into SC Chinese Lookup tool too… :smiley: