Ode to Truth: A Testimony of Innocence on "Truth, the Whole Truth, And ... Something! with the Truth"

Ode to Truth

A Testimony of Innocence on:

the Whole Truth,
And … Something with the Truth

  • Truth, The Whole Truth
    Worth enough for preserving,
    Rightly know the knowers …

  • Not … ‘Nothing but the Truth’
    Adapted! Yet, essentially inconsequential,
    Rightly understand the knowers …

  • Something … with the Truth
    Contextual! Yet, wisdomfully empathizable,
    Rightly sympathize the knowers … of the our-times.

  • The Truth, the Whole Truth,
    And, Nothing but the Truth
    A pristine path to impossibility,
    Rightly discard the knowers …

  • The Truth, the Whole Truth,
    And, Something with the Truth
    The only way to perpetuality,
    Rightly embrace the knowers … of the after-times.




This is purely my very personalized interpretation on a snippet of Bhante Sujato’s talk, which, I think may be titled “How Not to fall into Early Buddhist Fundamentalism.”