Offline feature development (status)

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Hello to admins - Bhante @sujato,

I’m wondering, why one of the most important feature for Monastic community, the complete offline access is still not done?

Current status

  • The new offline feature is really not good - very, very limited… no search? what is the use then :laughing:
  • Zip archive is few years old (with no intention to update it) and with no hyperlinks… so this option is already out of game

The web is full of special features, recently the reading of the suttas… All those new perks features are nice, but why to not focus on more essential features? Many of the monastics lives in Asia, with no WIFI access and as monastic - no money to buy internet package…

  • Could you please deeply consider to focus all resources into this development?
  • Could you please share any future plans or proposals for this feature - here in this thread? :pray:t3:

Please consider usage from tablets (android, iPAD), computers, so the proposed solution should be universal, and not tight to any specific platform.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu, for all great work on suttacentral and this forum!


Sorry, I’m not sure what the exact problem is here: offline works great.

Search is the only thing that doesn’t work 100% offline, which is because it is really hard to do. Perhaps at some point we might reassess this, but I would be more focused on upgrading search in gereral before trying to do offline search.

Are there any other specific features that don’t work on a modern browser offline?

  • I tested in Safari (it supports PWA), and the offline section is giving me that it is not supported on this platform,
  • Supports for multiple languages (I need only 3 languages),
  • Yes the search… but as you wrote it needs to be updated in general,
  • Offline of all texts, not just suttas


It would be very helpful to have access to the vinaya texts offline as well. :anjal:

This is really a big concern for me too.