Option of having Pali on the Side missing on iPhone

Dear Dhamma Friends at Sutta Central Development Team,

I have got used to reading Bhante Sujato’s translations with Pali on the side. That has helped me immensely in many ways. I mostly use the home desktop computer to read sutta but, occasionally I use my mobile phone which is an older version of iPhone.
For the last three months or so the ability to use the Pali on the side (Side by Side) or Line by Line has disappeared when I access Tipitaka from my mobile phone. The following wordings are there in the section titled “Views” but not the buttons on the left of each of the three lines, i.e. Plain, Side by side, Line by line .

View root text with translation
Side by side
Line by line

A few days ago I took my phone to the local Telstra shop & also, to the Vodafone shop. At both places, the technicians said there is nothing wrong with the phone but, it is a development issue on the website.

I am not sure whether this is the right section within Discuss & Discover to raise this question but, couldn’t find any other part to which this question would fit in. Please help!

Thank you
With Metta,

I believe that this thread will contain information to help you:

Basically, you need to make sure that you are running Safari 17.4.1

Can you let us know what version of Safari you are running?