Original Dhamma Poems

There are a number of poets in our community. Here is a call out for Dhamma poetry we write ourselves. Any form, any length, but related to Dhamma please.

(There’s a designated haiku thread here.)


Hi Dhamma friends, I’ve got into the habit of writing poems on my practice. Mostly to express the difficulties and the joys of the path. Almost like a diary. Anyway I wanted to share some, hopefully it will help others on their path, or maybe can relate.

appamādena sampādethā

Heed the call of those lost days

and all of them to come

Let not a breath go to waste

And if you can

A morsel of peaceful thoughts

For your greedy mind

Great yawning maw of a thirsty king

Taking in anything that comes

With your rolling tongue

And drooling chops

Swaying to the rhythms of a beaten track

Ragged mast at the water’s edge

Scribbling dead leaves on flowing canvas

Watching the night for spots of grey

And the grasping veins of moonlit dreams


Despair at the waning ticking sounds
One ends for another to begin
Again and again
All seems the same
A dull ache
With no name
Only bows down to a wise gaze
Homage to the Buddha
You found the way
Homage to the Dhamma
Without you only pain
Homage to the Sangha
Carrying the flame


The mind thinking, being not real, arises by causal conditions.
Having arisen it ceases completely through its causes.
It is a result of previous actions, but there is no doer.

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The noble one came, teaching many.
We gathered in the deers park listening, rain pitter pattering against the bo tree.
Among them animals and men, gods and demons.
Eager for a drop of truth.

He left our world with footsteps in the dirt.

I follow the footsteps to the bo tree.
Eager for a drop of truth.
Only to find CEOS selling buddha heads, the bo-tree cut down.
Worldly ones dressed in robes, abusing with harsh speech.

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And I reckon that this one totally deserves another airing:


The demon

‘All this will I give you, if you pay me worship.’ Said the lord of the ceaseless wheel.

‘Lo, and behold, I have set princes and principalities in high places,’

And I beheld a great many nobles

‘Brought forth great treasures,’

And I beheld great gems and currencies of the world.

‘Given science that which man did not deserve comprehension of,’

And I beheld inventors of the past and yet to be, with marvelous machines.

‘Killed enemies,’

And I beheld many men and women slaughtered.

‘Saved and given lives’

And I beheld a mother giving birth.

‘All these things and more I have regency and power over, for I am the lord of the wheel,’ Spake the evil one " I can grant that which man or god desires.’

And I beheld this.

‘This will I give, if only you pay me worship.’

‘Oh Namuci,’ I spoke ‘lord of evil, architect, I will not pay you worship. There is nothing you can give me.’

‘You lie, ascetic, surely I have what your heart in secret craves.’ Said the lord.

‘You cannot give me freedom from anatta, anicca nor dukkha.’

And I beheld the evil one leave, sad and dejected.

‘The ascetic knows me.’