Our Friend Hector's Passing

Hi Friends,

I learned this morning that our friend and long-time Sutta Central contributor @HectorAlvarez has passed away.

Hector was a tremendous supporter of the sangha, particularly of the Bhikkhuni sangha, and spent much of his time at Mahapajapati Monastery.

The Monastery writes,

A sad news was received yesterday that one of our beloved board member Hector Alvarez passed away last week. He was a good friend of Ayya Gunasari, and had been part of the Mahapajapati family since. His kindness, his wisdom and his dedication will be remembered. Today, the Mahapajapati Sangha members performed a special Memorial service with food offering, blessings and chanting from 7pm until midnight. We will continue this service for five days. May he be well and happy, and have a good rebirth. RIP.

I got to meet Hector in 2018 at a bhikkhuni ordination in LA and he was so lovely and kind, and a tremendous person to spend time with.

May he find freedom and joy in the Dhamma and may he attain nibbana. :pray:


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Mahapajapati is only a few hours drive from my place. I think I met him once (briefly) at one of the functions there.


We love you too Hector! May we meet on the far shore! :sunflower:


What a fantastic bio and love letter to the dhamma. It’s beautiful and apparent that Hector found the dhamma and its fruits in this lifetime. May the stream of kamma of Hector have an even more fruitful rebirth and re-encouter the dhamma rapidly.