Pali English Digha Nikaya for hard copy purposes

Dear Venerables, and lay brothers and sisters,

Attached please find a PDF version of Digha Nikaya English-Pali line by line files kindly extracted by Bhante Sujato.

Bhante also sent a html file of the same Pali-English line by line file, but am getting an error popup when trying to upload it.

If it can be posted by someone with more permissions - that html file can be used to create a Word document where one can adjust the font size, page size, line spacing, etc, to whatever is most helpful.

This can then be used to print a hard copy for personal study.

For most of the other Nikayas, Reading Faithfully has ebook versions of the Pali-English line-by line.

May all of Bhante and others’ efforts support the continuation of the Sasana!

With much gratitude and respect,

dn.pdf (2.8 MB)


Pasting Bhante’s upload link in case it works to share the referenced html file:


Great job Bhante and Team!

Sutta Central publications are Coming!


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Thanks for sharing!

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All of the major sutta nikayas have already been done 18 months ago as offline Pali/English epubs. (guessing by the link date)
It should be easy to make pdf’s from these, but epub is better.

These are the 4 Nikayas, there is no text in Pali and the monk who organized it said that the translation is very old and could be improved.

PTS made this translation available in 2013 for non-commercial use.

Free PTS eBooks
Free PTS eBooks

The Pali Text Society has made its Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma books available for non-commercial use since 2013. The Sutta books have been edited on the Buddhadust Website and Stephen Torrence and myself did most of the work to reformat the web pages into eBook versions.

What is special about these books? These are the unabridged editions of the original PTS Sutta books which were some of the first translations which have been referenced by several modern translators who followed later. Unabridged means the triple dots which used to represent missing repetitions have been expanded or “rolled out” with those missing repetitions. It is cost effective for electronic editions and some people swear that something is “lost” in translation with these repetitions represented by the triple dots (…). The texts have been formatted on the Buddhadust website in a nice grouped poetic way which helps a great deal with sorting through all of the information while reading. Lastly, since these books are quite old, they were written in an older English religious style so your vocabulary could use a little brush up!

I think the best known English Sutta Translations are Bhikkhu Bodhi, SuttaCentral, PTS and Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

It will be very important to have the Sutta Central Translations in PDF e-Books.

I think that this might need Bhante @sujato’s personal attention.

I think there is a misunderstanding.
The PTS books from the above link given are English only.

While this link I gave has both pali and english together. Pasted below for convenience:

The translations are of in public domain designated by Ajahn Sujato and no permission is needed (the last I remember)
VRI claims a copyright on the pali but there is no basis for this because it is in public domain and Sutta Central uses a different Pali Version also. They are mostly concerned with selling the books which are not done. For commercial use, maybe you might want to contact them.

Below is a small sample from the MN - SC Pali English Books with the link for the zip given.
DN, MN, SN, AN, plust thera theri

quote from MN pali english epub


when you posted the “americanmonk” link i thought it was about the PTS books…

I downloaded your file and converted it to pdf…



I know. That was why I replied again. :slight_smile:
But it would be good if you looked at the files before writing like that.
I’m sure you will find these useful and save you time.
No need to rewrite the wheel ( pun not originally intended )

I think the pdf format that SuttaCentral made available is better.


If you like reading PDF on telephones and small mobile devices, then you will think PDF is better.
Enjoy your reading.

From the html file in Bhante’s link, a Word document was created that can be used to print a hard copy.

This file was just sent to Snowbird, so hopefully will be available on Reading Faithfully for those who might find it helpful.

The font size and line spacing can be adjusted to whatever is most suitable for the person using it. Once the adjustments are made, can be saved as a PDF and sent to the local print shop.

With much gratitude and respect,

Fantastic! This is exactly what I needed for my translation project.
Big thank you to all involved! Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu! :pray: