EPUB & Kindle | Pali-English Editions of Bhante Sujato's Translation

After much help from Bhantes @sujato & @Jhanarato, I’m happy to share EPUB and Kindle editions of Bhante Sujato’s translations with Pali

After much testing and playing around I decided to just format the Pali as bold and the English as regular. If you like to have one language smaller, or in a different colour, it’s easy to do by changing the style sheet. Well, kind of easy. If anyone needs help doing that, please just post a question here.

Hope to have the Thag and Thig ready soon.

Creating PDF versions is a little trickier because of how the code is formatted. As well, the sometimes granular segments makes for really long documents. Not a problem if you are just viewing on line, I guess. I’d suggest trying the PDF conversion built into the Calibre software.

Please report any problems with the books here. Typos go in the regular typo thread.



:pray: Many Sadhus!

Thig & Thag: YAY!!!


Thank you so much :pray:!


Sadhu sadhu sadhu! :pray:

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Please offer any feedback on the formatting. I’m still not 100% sure I am happy with it. But the Pali is easy enough to read when I want to, and seems to be easy enough to skip when needed.

I’m also trying to figure out the best way to format the Thag and Thig as pdfs. A4 leaves almost half the page empty. But two columns seems cramped. And it isn’t the best format for screen reading.

First, thank you so much for your efforts :pray:t3:
I only have an issue with the TOC in the Numbered Discourses.
I read on an ipad( I’m not sure if that is the reason) but there seems to be missing subtitles for Numbered Discourses One and Two. The rest have them…

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The Numbered Discourses books of the Ones and Twos don’t have the same sort of titles as you find in other Suttas. The reason is that these Suttas are just so short so that they are gathered by 10 or so into one file, which is then just named AN 1.1-10, etc.

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You could consider a landscape orientation :thinking:

Are you talking about this? If so, what @sabbamitta says is correct. Individual suttas don’t have names in the Ones and most of the Twos.

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Yes, thank you both @sabbamitta @Snowbird :pray:t4:
I didn’t know about that.
I thought it looked like some awkward gaping space and maybe it was some file reading issue on my iPad

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OK! Just added versions of Theragāthā and Therīgāthā:

These two have an additional three versions: DOCX, A5 PDF and A4 two column PDF. I did think about @Khemarato.bhikkhu’s idea of landscape version, but instead just decided to include the docx so people who needed another version could make their own.

The A5 would be good to read on a tablet as well as to print as a booklet.

As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions or formatting corrections.

Big thanks to @karl_lew for helping make these two editions possible!


Thank you for ReadingFaithfully. This is perfect for Kindle reading.


Any feedback you have on formatting is most welcome. If you like to change the text styles to make one language more pronounced, it can easily be done with just a text editor. If anyone wants to know how I’m happy to explain.