Pali lookup tool (hover and show concise def.)

The pali lookup tool is awesome. Side by side and line by line translations totally rock for a beginner like me.

As I said, it is already awesome, but something that would be super cool for the next round of edits is if it took a little longer for the pali lookup tool to react to your hover i.e. the problem is that it looks up the word I have to pass over (and shows its pop up) to reach the word I actually want to look up. It is especially painful if the pop up appears above the word you are trying to reach.

Is there a trick to this or perhaps a fix?

Obviously not an urgent thing…

With metta


Thx for the feedback. In fact the tool is completely rebuilt in the next edition. It’s not longer triggered on hover at all. We made this change mainly because of usability on mobile, but also general concerns about accessibility of tooltips: they’re bad for anyone with motor control disabilities, for example.

Now you click and the word appears in a sheet at the bottom of the page. You can go forwards or backwards be either clicking a big button or using your keyboard.


That sounds like a perfect implementation. Thanks for all the time you and the team spends on things like this.


no worries, it is our absolute pleasure. I’m super-excited about the new version, it finally feels like what it should have been all along.