Pan-tipitaka or Pan-Sutta-pitaka

Hi, I have an idea, how about if anyone can make Pan-tipitaka, literally means an anthology of texts which are presented in scriptures of all living traditions. Pali tipitaka, Chinese Agamas and Tibetan Kangyur. Maybe even not Pan-tipitaka, but at least Pan-Sutta-pitaka.

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Welcome @Yevgenyi ! this idea is thrown around on here from time to time but there is an enormous amount of complexity involved. for now the best bet is probably to check out


for excellent translations in each tradition.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for good translation sites? especially in the Mahayana area?


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There’s also Rulu’s archive website and Lapis Lazuli Texts for public domain translations from Chinese:

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thanks for that @cdpatton !!