Parallels to AN 7.66

I have just noticed that DN 27, the Aggañña Sutta, is listed as a parallel to AN 7.66, the Sattasuriya Sutta. As far as I can tell, however, these suttas have almost nothing in common. Is there a mistake here, or am I missing something?

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Thanks, yes this is obviously a mistake. There’s no more than a thematic similarity, which is not enough for it to be even a partial parallel.

@vimala, can you remove AN 7.66 from this list? Thanks.


The list I am referring to is the one under AN 7.66, and it is DN 27 that needs to be removed, if anything.

Oh, okay, I went the other way around. Anyway, they’re not parallels.


I had a look but cannot find this parallel in the list of parallels. You are probably looking at the (very) old list which is still displayed on SC. The new lists should be on, but I get an error when I try to look at those parallels. Moreover it is moved to a non-secure server. @Blake, what is going on there?

The parallels I have in the list for AN7.66 are:

“parallels”: [“an7.66”, “ea40.1”, “ma8”, “t30”]
“parallels”: [“an7.66#11”, “~an6.54#14-#20”, “~an7.73”, “~ma160”]
“mentions”: [“an7.66#15-#15”, “kv1.5#25-#26”]

And for DN27:

“parallels”: [“dn27”, “da5”, “ma154”, “sht-sutta65”, “skt-lo-mvu32”, “t10”, “up3.104”, “sf277”]
“parallels”: [“an11.10#6-#8”, “dn27#44-#46”, “dn3#35-#37”, “mn53#17-#8”, “~sn21.11#3”, “~sn6.11#2”]


This is an old thread but seems the best place to post. I’ve discovered while drafting DA that there’s a solid parallel to part of AN 7.66 in DA 30. The story of the seven suns burning up the world is presented as the first disaster of fire in the mythical destruction of the world. The Taisho reference is T1.137c12-138b21. An English translation can be found at pp. 252-257 in Volume 3 of Ichimura’s Lengthy Discourses.

(For those who wonder, all the sentient beings leave the lower realms beforehand by practicing the second dhyana and being reborn in a Dhyana heaven where they are safe from the fire. So, it’s rendered not so much as a disaster as a spiritual ascension.)