Possible manuscript errors in SA

Not sure which is the best subforum for this post, but this is its purpose:[quote=“sujato, post:12, topic:5659, full:true”]
No, we’re not keeping notes for these [referring to two possible manuscript errors discussed in this thread]. But it’s a good idea: why don’t you start a thread and list them there? It’d be a useful reference.

SA 296: 空 > 定 (Choong Mun-keat The Fundamental Teachings of Early Buddhism 153), as pointed out by @James

SA 653: 波羅蜜 should theoretically be a translation of something like “-vemat­tatā” as per the Pāli. As it is in this context, pāramitā (波羅蜜) doesn’t even make sense here as a Mahāyāna teaching

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I’d suggest putting it under “feedback”, and adding the tag: errata

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