Printed series of Bhikku Sujato Translations

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Is there a Printed series of Bhikku Sujato Translations like the Bhikkhu Bodhi ones?
It is of importance to me as I am someone who travels around a lot in my country, and most places I stay in have no internet connection possibilities. We strictly rely only upon the Canon texts(Thripitaka Books in Pali) as we believe that they contain the purest(un-edited/clean) teachings of Lord Buddha. The translations of Bhikku Sujato and Bhikkhu Bodhi have been of great help to us.


The Middle Length Discourses have been designed into a three volume physical book series here:


Very helpful indeed. Would you also happen to know whether there are physical books of translations of the Vinaya-pitaka other that the PTS ones ?


Somebody self-published Bhante Suddhaso’s translation of the Mahā-Vibhaṅga but unfortunately I don’t have the link for that. You might have to Lulu it yourself (I actually recommend for printing PDFs)


Thank You. So I’m guessing that’s about it when it comes to Vinaya Translations ?



Which one?

Who is “we”? And welcome to the forum!


Thanks for the interest. Apart from the examples here, just to let you know we do plan on creating full printed editions of all my translations, as well as the new Vinaya translation of Ven Brahmali. Perhaps next year.


My teacher Bhante, me…

Thank You.


That is very nice to hear. Bhante. If there is a PDF release of the Vinaya, let us know.
Thank You