Publication of the Great Chronicles of the Buddhas by Mingun Sayādaw (Bhaddanta Vicittasārābhivaṁsa)

Although this isn’t EBT, it still may be of interest to some folks here:

From Bhante Ānandajoti:

And the blog post announcing it:

For about 18 months now I have been working on a revision of The Great Chronicles of the Buddhas by Mingun Sayādaw, which tells nearly all that is known about the Buddhas and their disciples in the Theravāda tradition. …


Thank you for sharing.
And some constructive criticism also:

I edited the post to make it clear that this isn’t my work. It is done by Bhante Ānandajoti.

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And part two is now live. Anouncement:

And to the actual text:


And it’s finished! Anumodana :pray: