Putting myself out to pasture

Dear friends,

The lifespan of a moderator works in a similar (although even more accelerated) way to dog years and I am now “old, aged, burdened with years, advanced in life, come to the last stage” and as such will now be retiring from my role as a mod.

I’d like to offer my deep thanks to moderators and admins, past and present for creating such a incredible team to work in and all the more for the extraordinary friendship they’ve given throughout the ride. I’d similarly like to forward deep thanks for the various and profoundly moving notes of support and kindness shown in all manner of forms, from so many in the community along the way.

May I take the opportunity to exalt the kindness and care for others that already circulates within the forum and offer a little parting encouragement for all of us to help let it grow as large as possible in each of our posting deeds.

With much metta.


Dear Aminah,

Thanks so much for your presence on D&D over the past couple (?) of years. I truly admire your patience, compassion, and wisdom in making decisions that are often difficult. I have watched how you handle yourself, and my goodness you deserve some serious respect. I have a lot to learn from you.

I wish you all the best for whatever you embark on next. I hope you continue with your Dhamma work, because I honestly think you have the potential to be a great contributor to the Buddhist cause. So I hope to see you around! :grinning:

With very much metta from down under.


Sadhu x3.

Thank you so much for being around. You are a truly inspirational presence on this forum and we will miss your contributions as a moderator.
I hope you will stay on as a user.


Dear Aminah,

what can I say… ? I am lacking words which is usually the case when I am emotionally touched.

Deep thanks for everything you contributed on this forum as a moderator, and also to me personally, and much much encouragement for whatever will be the next steps in your life!

I certainly second this, as well as this:

:heart: :hibiscus: :dharmawheel: :anjal:


Oh wow! I would have left way sooner if I knew that would be the response! :grin:

When some of the people I most look up to and take as guiding lights in this spectacularly confusing world say such astonishing things, I’m limited to noting it is ineffably touching. A humbled, sincere thank you to you all. :anjal:

Yeah, about that… :upside_down_face:

Right at the very moment I was stepping out the door, daydreaming about an extended spell of hiding under the bed, Ven. Sujato asked if I would be an admin (just as a backup—to the best of my understanding, as well as intentions—and maybe someone to fiddle around with settings on behalf of the mods if needed should others not be available). In turn, I’ll definitely be around in some capacity, but do plan on sailing off into a much quieter relationship with the forum mostly focused on the meta channels/SC centric threads and such things.

Rest assured though, I will still be keeping an eye out for mischievous angles I can take on Ven. Yodha’s glorious Dhamma work.


I can be mean to you if it will make you stay! I can fulfill that burden!



:rofl: :joy: :joy:

Well now that truly is an unbelievable statement of supreme kindness… to be willing to bear the results of such kamma is really quite a thing; most humbling indeed. Out of great care for you, though, I must encourage against it. :anjal:

Really, much thanks; I’ll be chortling a while yet.


Just consider my rhetorical being-mean-to-you my bodhisattvayāna practice!


Dearest Aminah,

The response is completely deserved!

It is nothing short of a relief to know that someone of your calibre is sticking around.

Much, much love and many, many thanks


Hi Aminah, thanks so much for your kindness and wisdom, and for making this forum and this world a little bit brighter and better. We have had many wonderful people on our moderation team, but I think I can say with some confidence, that we have never had anyone quite so silly. In all the best ways, of course!


Gosh, I’ve never had my life choices validated in quite such a way! :heart_eyes_cat:

Awesome! So you’ll be staying after all, then! :smiling_imp:

Just as it is from me to you. :anjal:


Thank you :anjal:


Thank you so much Aminah!
You have contributed so much to the forum and made my short stint as a mod much more fun. I totally echo what the others above have said.
Mega mettā


It sounds like you will be around for a while. :rofl:


As I’m proving to be a gutless wimp toddler when it comes to goodbyes, I’ll just leave this here



Oh, my dear chum, I guess the thing of it is Whippet has a pretty fair point; it’s just that I get to not pay attention to a bunch of stuff now.

:anjal: :hugs:


Dear Aminah, Thank you for all of your wise work as a moderator and I’m so glad you’ll still be around. You’ve always been so wise and kind and thoughtful. It occurs to me that people that are lucky enough to know you personally must treasure you as a friend.


Once again, thank you all so much. Truly, it’s so touching and is surely excellent testimony to the kindness and care that circulates through this forum mentioned in the OP.


By the way, I ought to let you know, if the Sila Police ever come for me, I’m giving your names as character references! :wink:


Good luck Aminah! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:



Dear Aminah, I’ve said enough mushy things behind the scenes, to spare the full exposition here… but I don’t think I ever told you that one of the reasons that I considered taking on a mod role here, was because of your presence here, and the admiration of the skillfull way you handle yourself. The humour is a much loved extra! :anjal: :smiley: