Question translation: word meaning “living…”

I’am looking for word, is there in sanscrypt any word meaning “living” not in past, not in future, not now, but in all of it in the same time, integrated?

There are a number of words meaning “life” or “living”: jīva, āyu, or in some cases bhava or vihāra.

It’s a bit too general to give a meaningful answer, can you give us more context?

I’m sorry for the stinginess . I don’t like written conversations, except sometimes with myself. What I mean is a conscious life, after waking up and finding yourself, attentive to your essence, humble and accepting of all three times of own live, desiring only a better reincarnation in the essence that it brings to life in any way.

Thank you for your translations, I think I meant bhave, but I’m not sure because now I see a lot of translations of Pali when I look for it, it may take a while to figure it all out. I am just wonder if it makes any difference. I feel that I should let myself be carried away by the wave that I have created for myself, that I am creating and will create, and which is ultimately me. The last time has been very surprising to me. Behind the multitude and ease of thought, there is a surprising directionality of actions and coincidences, although this last term does not really suit me ( in my language, I use a translator ) I don’t want to build some pathetic and lofty vision or idea here - I’m just stating facts. My reflection on coherence, continuity, and the will to live led me to ask a question in a place I would never have expected before, and it leads me to completely new considerations. To a person who I can say is close to my mind (it concerns my considerations and beliefs when it comes to anarchy and pacifism, and I feel that also my considerations about mother nature) or people? monks? the multitude of considerations and possibilities is enormous. However, apart from the entire previous argument, I would like to express my gratitude to you for directing me to accidentally or not finding the name that I subconsciously chose for myself a long time ago, Emeth in the Pali language.