Readings for w/shops 3 and 4 are now on SuttaCentral

Hi to all our wonderful students!

I’m very happy how the course is going, and especially how the discussion here on Discourse is taking shape. It is a learning process for us all, but we are getting the talks online here, and as time goes on it will, I believe, become an invaluable resource.

I’ve had some feedback that I’ve been reading the texts too fast, so I will try to drink less coffee next time!

I have now added to SuttaCentral all the suttas that are part of the reading for workshops 3 & 4. (Depending on local caching, they may take a day or two to show up for you.)

You should be able to access these suttas simply by clicking the links in the pdf file; if that doesn’t work, go to SuttaCentral and enter the Sutta ID.

I haven’t yet checked the readings for w/shop 5, so there may still be a couple of texts that are missing. I’ll add these in due course.

If you don’t have the course reading, download the pdfs:

(The readings are the same, only the scheduling details are different).


Bhante… During the live workshop you show the audience some slides. We who participate through internet cannot see the computer or the screen. Is there a possibility to share these slides please?

Much Merit to you both.

Now uploaded here:


Next time I’ll see if I can upload the slides before the w/shop.

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That would be really good Venerable Sir… So kind of you…

Thank you very much, Bhante:)

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Thanks very much, Bhante.

Hi all, I just wanted to point out that in the PDF document for the Buddhist Library readings, the MN 120 link should be without the hyphen at the end of the link, and the AN10:47 correct link is Cheers and metta

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O, thanks, my bad. I’ve made the changes and uploaded them.

Also, just to point out, in your comment you’ve formatted the reference as AN10:47, using a colon. This follows what we used in the document, but actually it’s not ideal. As you can see, the hotlinking doesn’t work properly. The SC standard is to always use periods, as in AN10.47, which will be hotlinked correctly. You can use a space (AN 10.47) or not (AN10.47), or use lowercase (an10.47). But even our very clever system has limits!