Recent server failure

Continuing the discussion from Recent forum maintenance report:

Well, third time’s a charm :rofl:

Yesterday the old server started acting up, and I honestly don’t know if computers will ever become sentient or not, but I swear this one knew :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (and this was not the first time either). As soon as there is an intention to replace a piece of machinery it just starts sulking and refuses to cooperate any more :grin:

I’ve made a plan for upgrade for today afternoon, and yesterday evening, when I was about to publish the schedule, the CPU went wild. The service reboot mitigated the issue just long enough for me to catch some sleep before the inevitable systems failure, which predictably happened in the morning after the server reboot.

Luckily, most technical issues were already dealt with before, and today everything went according to plan and we are 95% operational (no data was lost, there are still some lingering issues with the missing files from before 2016, but their number has dropped from thousands to around 50).

The forum should perform as expected now, feel free to login and post, but expect a small loss of service (max. 15 min) at the end of the day, which is necessary to bring the server back to baseline.

If anyone experiences any problems logging in, please try these steps first:

  • try to log in using your username/password
  • if you don’t succeed, log in directly via email
    • check your spam folders for forum emails.
    • I you can’t find them anywhere, not even in spam folder, that means your email provider is silently dropping emails it perceives as spam. If this is the case you’ll have to contact them for support.
  • If again you don’t succeed, try opening the incognito tab in your browser, disable all browser plugins and then try to log in again.
  • I you still don’t succeed, clear your browser cache, restart the browser and repeat the last step.
  • If all of this fails, please check if you can login on any other device
  • as a last resort, use site contact email for assistance

Huzzah!! :partying_face:

For whatever my anecdata is worth, the site seems much faster now than before all this. Well done!


Thank you. May all servers terminate in peace. :heart:

SN46.76:2.6: When the perception of cessation is developed and cultivated in this way you can expect one of two results: enlightenment in the present life, or if there’s something left over, non-return.”


As it should :blush:, but none of it is of my own doing, for this all the praise should be directed at the AmazingTM Discourse Team :heart_eyes:

Speed improvements with the current version of Discourse:

Old D&D—Mobile | Old D&D—Desktop

New D&D—Mobile | New D&D—Desktop


AN3.140:4.2: It’s when a mendicant truly understands: ‘This is suffering’ … ‘This is the origin of suffering’ … ‘This is the cessation of suffering’ … ‘This is the practice that leads to the cessation of suffering’.
AN3.140:4.3: This is how they’re fast, I say.


May the replaced hardware and software be happy, peaceful, and free. May all data be happy, peaceful, free. And any content that has gone missing, may its rebirth if any be fortune…

Not entirely joking, but holding views lightly on this :wink:

The gift of Dhamma is the greatest gift, but the gift of Support is way up there, too. Thanks @musiko and server and all involved.