Romanian Translations


SC may contact above web site …



Thanks so much, we will look into this when we get some time.


I will make a note in Github issue-list and assign it to myself to do when I’m back in a few months time.
Thanks for the suggestion!


I have made the files and contacted the people behind the website with a few questions (there is no Author mentioned that I can see and not all suttas have a section on copyrights), but I have not heard back from them.
I have attached the ZIP with the html-files so maybe @sujato can try to contact them again to get permission for publication, adapt the Meta Area and put them on the site. (112.8 KB)


@Sujato … any news on this?


sorry, no I haven’t done anything …


OK. I’ll get on it.


Dear friends,

Romanian translations of some suttas can also be found on


The Discourse on Loving Kindness is already present on the SuttaCentral website, the rest are not.

I consider the translations of good quality; we established a glossary of common terminology so that the common phrases and technical terms are consistent. I have tried to remain as faithful to the original translation as much as possible and refrain from interpretation; this resulted in some phrases sounding awkward or outdated (but not incorrect) and perhaps a better-sounding or poetic expression could have been used, but I didn’t want to force any meanings and alter the message further (more than any translation process naturally does)

They are based on Ven. Ṭhānissaro’s translations. The proofreading has been done voluntarily by a professional translator.

The texts can also be found in Markdown format - perhaps it is easier in this format to be added to SuttaCentral. I would gladly offer my help in converting them in a suitable format and uploading them to GitHub if some initial guidance is offered.


Thanks so much for the update, and for your wonderful work. @Aminah can we get these texts added?


Thank you, Venerable @sujato. I would like to also formally ask for permission to use your translations into English as sources for some of the future translations that I will be working on. Specifically, for now, I’m referring to MN47. I know that the licensing legally permits but this is ultimately an affair that concerns the Sangha.