SC Voice – the road to v1


By the way. Does anybody see the first bug of v1.0?

I was testing with my eyes closed so it should be pretty obvious.

Who will be the winner of this contest? Who will see the bug?


Do you mean the nodejs load screen?

For me personally I think of it as a feature as just this week if figured out npm, so I’m assuming the load screen is just there to congratulate my unlikely accomplishment. :smiley:


Nooooooooo. Not that (although if that’s a bug that should be fixed, just add it to the plan). It’s…something else that will make you laugh. :smiley:

I actually just fixed the bug. It was a comment to myself…


Okay, well I like laughing so whatever it is leave it! :smiley:

Just tested the saved settings preferences through the staging link, works great!

Will continue having a poke…



I think you might have taken the ARIA labeling thing a bit too far:



WINNER!!! :sparkler: :sparkler: :sparkler:

BTW, normally we would overlap SCV staging and release so that you could preview and provide feedback on features. However AWS charges us for that feature, so I’ve been relying on screenshots to keep you up-to-date. This means that your feedback will happen post-release. However, what is released is simply a guess that requires review and changes for v1.1.


Karl, once more, endless thanks. Of course, I’ve yet to get really into it, but through just a five min play around I’m overjoyed with some really brilliant improvements.



I am equally impressed. The two of you did a fantastic job, congratulations!!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:


@sabbamitta, we shall be very curious to hear your feedback on downloadable playlists. I think you might already be using downloads and the feature has been completely rewritten. Of particular interest is how you might use it to download multiple suttas if that is of interest to you. :pray:

SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released :heart_eyes:

Endeavouring to keep an orderly ship, I will call time on this thread as with Karl’s announcement we have come to the end of the road. :smile:

Please give any feedback you have here: