SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

Dear friends,

I have the incredible privilege of announcing (again :smile: ) that @karl_lew has just released v1.0.0 of SuttaCentral Voice (SCV). His is an extraordinary accomplishment, and I further have the incredible privilege of being the first in line to offer him my heart felt thanks for smoothing the way for myself and, no doubt, many, many others to hearing the teaching of the Buddha.

You can check SCV out here.

There are yet more plans to develop this wonderful app, and if you have any feedback (bugs, feature requests, general celebration of Karl’s brilliance, whatever), please feel free to let us know below.



(and please excuse the following:)


Great work!!! :star_struck:


How does it work (used)?

  1. enter a sutta name, id, or key word into the search box
  2. press Enter
  3. press the play icon image to listen to the sutta
    or click on the details boxes below
    to see the sutta details/sutta

Alternatively, you can press the examples button on the home page


and it will give you some random suggestions of things to search for and selecting one of them will give you some suttas to listen to (clicking “examples” again will give you different suggestions).

Lastly, you may want to set your own Sutta Player preferences (to hear different voices etc). You can do this by clicking on the settings icon on the top right image. If you’d like the SCV to remember your preferences every time you visit, make sure you tick the “Store settings using web browser cookies” option.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more pointers.


got it


Right, thanks, now I understand (with the comment you since edited). SuttaCentral Voice will, indeed, be integrated with the main SuttaCentral site (and that will happen soon), nevertheless it is and will remain a separate app and for now you can only access it using the link given in the OP.


Sadhu! to Karl for his incredible work, and sadhu also to all those who have helped with the detailed and very useful feedback.

I will ask Blake and Karl to get the app served over, which henceforth will be its canonical home.


This indeed wonderful work.
I have no words to thank to the effort of all of you meake this project possible.
Obviously special thank to Karl.

Now I can listen to Sutta while I am sleeping.
I am a strong beleiver of subliminal messages.


You can learn Pali while sleeping! Try it out… :rofl:


Actually, downloading multiple suttas hasn’t been on my screen so far. I am mainly interested in single suttas. I will certainly try out the new download functions and give feedback. But first of all I’m simply celebrating with you! :heart_eyes: :balloon::balloon::balloon: :heart:


@Blake, it is always complicated to add a DNS subdomain. Every company that hosts domains has their own process for doing this. It all ends up being a CNAME record. To fulfill Bhante’s request, we need a new CNAME record for

The instructions for adding CNAME records are vendor-specific. For example, here is the documentation for GoDaddy. I do not know which vendor administers, but I think you might.

In addition to the CNAME record, I would recommend one additional change. Currently the staging SC software refers directly to the IP address Although this is functional, it is fragile. I recommend changing that code to refer to Clearly, this second change must happen after the first change is done and tested. It can also happen in a later release if you choose since functionality will not be affected. My recommendation is based on the observation that if I make a mistake in releasing SCV, we lose that static IP forever. It is one bad mouse click from death.

Thank you. :pray:


Thanks Karl, we understand about the address, the team is expecting to make this change imminently. Hopefully first thing after the weekend.


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

:anjal::ear: :ear: :ear:


@karl_lew and Karl’s team, you have done amazing work, and so quickly. This is a wonderful way to make the Dhamma available. Many sadhus to you. :pray:


Wanting to express appreciation for these gifts. May there be lasting benefit to many beings, leading to happiness, peace, and ultimately liberation.



Sadhu! :sunglasses::sparkler::wheel_of_dharma:


-Is it possible to have a Sutta index in the left side? So we can go to particular Nikaya and Chose the Sutta. This is similar to Sutta Central main site. Perhaps when Voice assistance integrated to SC this may be resolved.

  • Is it possible to see the text screen bit larger? I have a small meditation group and I link my PC to the TV. They watch TV while listening to the Sutta.
  • Launch Sutta player Indian bell cut off before it ends. Can you fix it. Sorry to pick on a minor matter but it is great to listening to the sound until it ends with a silent. (Samudaya and Nirodha)
  • I can’t play DN 2. Can see only the text. It says down load but does not download.
  • Is it possible to download a particular Sutta and play with text window?

For me it plays, just like everything else.

How does this work with the cookie settings? Last night I selected some settings and clicked the “store in cookies” button, and this morning it wasn’t there any more. It played a different bell from the one I had selected, that’s where I noticed it; and when I opened the settings then I saw that the other ones had changed back too.

I don’t think this is a bug, but rather that there’s something I missed… :thinking:

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I just test it now at the moment it is stored.
I restart the computer and the settings gone back to reset mode!
So it does not work in my compurter either.