Share a sutta (Did you know this sutta teaching?)

We have a radio program that the man just keeps asking Did you know …Many facts for example. So I thought each person share one sutta teaching that maybe a person don’t know. Think of the best you remember. Please share with proper qoute and only suttacentral website. Enjoy

Did you know, Buddha said

I have spoken of two kinds of feelings by one method of exposition; I have spoken of three kinds of feelings by another method of exposition; I have spoken of five kinds of feelings … six kinds of feelings … eighteen kinds of feelings … thirty-six kinds of feelings by another method of exposition; and I have spoken of one hundred and eight kinds of feelings by still another method

One new sutta for each user reply.


This past week I’ve studied AN8.11, which is quite the gem, bubbling with seriousness and humor. I’ll just dangle the hook for all the nice polite folk out there and let it set:

AN8.11:2.1: “Master Gotama, I have heard that the ascetic Gotama doesn’t bow to old brahmins, the elderly and senior, who are advanced in years and have reached the final stage of life; nor does he rise in their presence or offer them a seat.

What will you do the next time you’re sitting in a bus and an elderly person limps on by…:eyes:


Just came across this one, AN 5.50: